Bartow, Florida
Bartow - Old and New

Welcome to Bartow

Coach Lapper

Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain

Old Stadium

Old Stadium

New Stadium

Score Board

New Bartow Library

Site of Old Library

New Civic Center

Old Civic Center

Old Civic Center
Junior Jackets' Nest

Old Civic Center Pool

Old Civic Center

Summerlin Academy

Summerlin Academy

The Wonder House

Old Outdoor Theater

Old Livestock Pavilion

Old Tasty Freeze

Old John's Restaurant

"Gone But Not Forgotten"
Old Root Beer Stand

Site of Old Ware House on Main St.

The Bob Crawford AG. Building
Site of Hosmer Buick

Bartow Electronics

Old Publix

Old White's Men's Shop

Old Florida National Bank

Site of The Corner Drug Store

Old Bartow Christmas

Looking East on Main St.

Old Court House

New Court House

Carolyn King's Mother's Real Estate Office

Old Gibson & Wirt, Inc.

Dr. Sutton's Old Office

Old Bunn's Gas Station on Main St.

Site of Old Ritz Theater, City Jewelers
and Tate Phillips Hardware

Old Yellow Jackets' Soda Shop

Junior's Newstand and Old Western Auto

Old Post Office

Site of Old Oaks Hotel

Old Bartow Bakery

The Water Tower

New Band Shell

Old Band Shell

Old Locker Room

Old High School Admin Building

Old High School Library

Old Junior High School

Site of Old Bartow Ford

New Bartow Ford

Old Hospital

New Bartow Regional Medical Center

Old Bartow Elementary

Old Bartow Elementary

New Summerlin Park

New Summerlin Park