Bartow, Florida



Last Updated: 2011

Sheryl retired as a high school guidance counselor in 1993 and moved to AZ with her husband, Ken. There she has pursued her life-long love of singing and has had many exciting opportunities to sing as a soloist with the Arizona Repertory Singers and other venues. In the last four years she has pursued a new interest in abstract painting. Her website is She is also a member of Flux Gallery in Tucson, , had a one-person show there last February, and will have another in 2012. She says, I feel very fortunate to have discovered this new direction for my life. I taught art in Michigan public schools for several years, but now I have the time to paint for the pure joy of painting, and Im loving it.

13675 E. Camino La Cebadilla
Tucson, AZ 85749
Phone: (520) 749-3829
Birthday: September 19

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