Bartow, Florida



Last Updated: 2008

Greetings from deep under the oaks of Bartow. First of all, I want all of my old friends to understand that Iíve become quite a recluse in the past few years, but I treasure the times weíve shared and plan to emerge from my cocoon soon.

I graduated from USF in 1967 with a degree in English. A few years later, I realized that becoming a great author and raising a little boy as a single mom was not practical, so I went back to USF for teaching certification. Since then Iíve earned a masterís degree in education and I am one course away from a masterís in English. Iíve used my education to teach thirty-one consecutive years at Purcell Elementary in Mulberry until spring of 2008 when I retired. I will be volunteering at Floral Elementart until January 2009, when I will begin substituting. Someday I hope to write some childrenís books.

Most of the summer and many weekends, Iím out of town. My son, Chris, and granddaughter, Kristen have a home in Ormond Beach. My brother and personal fishing guide, Marty lives in Englewood with his wife. I also have an old friend who has a spare room for me in Bradenton, very near the gulf beaches. So I visit with my loved ones, play on the beaches and try to absorb whatís left of our beautiful Florida coastal areas.

The rest of my family is right here in Bartow. My brother, Robert and his wife, Gwen live north of town on lovely Lake McCleod. My sister, Beverly and her husband are my next-door neighbors. They have three grandchildren under the age of four whom they happily share with me. Keynan, age three, lives with Bev and has been a true wake-up call since his arrival. Thereís no time for mid and further life crisis with a young boy zooming around.

In my spare time I look for new routes to walk my four miles a day. Thatís a challenge in this tiny town. I also enjoy listening to good music Ė any genre, reading trashy mysteries, sci-fi or anthropological sagas and experimenting with writing. I still love to work in my yard, visit the beach and read. I also spend a lot of time with my great-niece, great-nephew and granddaughter, Zoe.

I got tired of answering the phone when no one called but telemarketers, so I cancelled my regular service and use only my cell. Iím looking forward to seeing, or at least hearing from you soon.

Love to you all, Susan

770 Lillian Street
Bartow, FL 33830
Phone: (863) 398-4646
Birthday: July 25