Bartow, Florida

Loehr, Hank

Last Updated: 2003

My family consists of Sandra Loehr (Sandy), to whom I have been married since 1969, and David, our son, who is a freshman in college, planning to go into acting.

My sister lives in near Atlanta, in Lilburn; and she recently retired from teaching science in the public school system. My parents live in Clearwater, and they are well, for folks in their mid-80's.

We have been in Charlotte, NC, since 1983, having moved here from Northampton. MA. Sandy and I met at the Chicago Theological Seminary on the campus of the Unviersity of Chicago, where we were students. From 1968-1973, I served as a youth minister or pastor in churches in the suburbs of Chicago and in the suburbs of Buffalo, NY.

Then Sandy returned to school at Harvard U, we moved to Boston, and I left the church. First, I worked as a teamster and at odd jobs. Next, Sandy and I moved to Northampton, MA and completed our doctorates -- Sandy's in History and Foundations of Education, mine in Management. Since that time we have both been teaching in colleges and universities, and each of us has had aadministrative career. Sandy is currently a department and division chair at Belmont Abbey College. I recently left the job of graduate dean to return to teching full time.

Most of our life is spent enjoying films and theatre with David or tending to our 2 dogs and 7 cats. That's about it for the last 35 years. I would be interested in hearing from (any of my former classmates).

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