Bartow, Florida

BRADHAM FANN, Beverly Virginia

Last Updated: 2008

Spouse: James E. Fann (Jim) Married for 40 years. Children: Amy (34), Jimbo (30). Grandchildren: 2

The picture above is the most current one of "the family". From the left are Jimbo, Brittney & Macie, next Eric, Amy & Lucy then Jimmy and I are the last 2 on the right. Jimbo is holding their dog (Allie) and Jimmy is holding ours (Sugar Ray). Amy and Eric didn't have their 2 with them.

Jimmy and I are both retired and enjoying doing whatever we want to do. We had 2 grandchildren born the first part of this year so, needless to say, we are having fun with them. Our daughter and son-in-law (Amy & Eric) live in Gainesville where they are both physicians at Shands. He is the physician there and she is a Doctor of Pharmacy (she does consult work with the transplant teams and heads the Pharmacy Residents program at UF). Their daughter, Lucy, was born in February of this year. Our son and daughter-in-law (Jimbo & Brittney) live in Avon Park. He works for State Farm and she is enjoying taking care of their daughter, Macie, born in March of this year.

Jimmy is a avid golfer and I have started trying to grow some orchids and have gotten interested in digital photograhpy as hobbies.
30 West C Street
Frostproof, FL 33843

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