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Last Updated: 2015

Well, classmates, it has been fifty plus years since we all left Summerlin Institute and headed out “into the world”. Some strayed farther than others but we have all had years and years to ‘do our thing’.

I joined the Air Force first and then went to college. I have had four husbands (really five but one was annulled). Just couldn't find Mr. Right (just Mr. Right-now). I have one daughter, Leslie, two grandchildren, Kristy and Todd and three great grandchildren, Ryan, Dylan and Scarlett. Both my parents have passed so I guess I am now an orphan. My sister, Suzie, passed in 2012 from lung cancer with heart complications and now there is just my sister, Marianne, and I left.

Career wise, I mostly held administrative positions but dabbled in sales and marketing as well. I was even on President Ford’s Veterans Advisory Board in Washington, D.C. from 1974-1976 when I was a lobbyist in Washington for veteran’s benefits and have even had dinner at the White House. All fun and games but now, although I am retired, I stay busy working as a “Critter-Sitter” to keep food on the table and gas in the car and, to tell the truth, if I had discovered dogs and cats before men and children, I probably would not have bothered with men and children. I have two kitties now, Socks and Bubba. However, I am doing great…doing what I want to do and doing it when I want to do it! That’s kind of IDEAL in my book!

My health has been up and down over the years but that’s probably the same story we could all tell. Being this old ain’t for sissies!!! When someone says they are glad to see me, I agree that it is better to be seen than to be ‘viewed’.

I hope to see many of you at the next reunion. I am saving my pennies to get from Phoenix, Arizona to Bartow, Florida……it’s a long way! If any of you get to my neck of the woods – give me a call – would love to see you. TTFN

8301 N 21st Drive, #F106
Phoenix, AZ 85021
Phone: Home (602) 795-2021
Birthday: April 14

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