Bartow, Florida


MANN, John L.

Last Updated: 2003

I am now married to the former and present Sandy Johnson who practices law in Jacksonville. I have five adult children, one adult stepchild and four grandchildren. I have recently taken up painting (pictures not houses, well maybe houses too) and am completing my first sculpture (small). I sail; while prefering cruising catamarans my current boat is a smaller cat: a Stiletto 27. Hard for me to justify (to myself) a larger boat until it is full time (not if but when). Additionally I have taken up shotgun shooting (targets). I shoot skeet trap and sporting clays. For work, I still practice law. My work, while interesting to do, makes absolutely lousy cocktail conversation. I do commercial business and real estate transactions, represent business folks and cases I think I will like or find interesting. At some point in the next thirty or forty years I plan to settle down and grow up. Unitl then I will just keep on. I would love to chat (in person or on the phone) or correspond.

P.O. Box 2435
Lakeland, FL 33806-2435
Phone:(Home)(863) 647-5178
Phone:(Office)(863) 683-1358
Birthday: January 15

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